Installation and Sale of Natural Lawn In Malaga and the Costa Del Sol

We are Specialists in Lawn Turfs in Malaga and the Costa del Sol area.

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Installation Turf

Turf installation consists of planting rolls of natural turf that have been treated and have received the best care to obtain the best quality.

The turf lawn is the best choice to achieve a beautiful and uniform garden since its installation. With it, you will avoid having to plant seeds and wait until they grow up with the question of whether they will be able to grow effectively all over the land.

At MálagaTurf we are always looking for the best option for our clients, so we offer lawn turfs installation services in green areas, private gardens and community gardens in a very short time and with an immediate result.

The preparation of the soil, the subsequent cleaning of weeds on it and its good inclination for drainage is very important for the installation of lawn turfs. Next to the installation, the placement of an automatic irrigation system is also very important to guarantee that the turfs will receive the same amount of water in all its extension, thus ensuring the successful turf installation.

If you need lawn turfs in Marbella, Fuengirola, Benalmadena, Mijas, Estepona, Malaga and Torremolinos, our lawn professionals will install them quickly, guaranteeing the quality of the turf.

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Sale of Turfs

The best option when creating a garden area or changing an existing one is the installation of turfs of natural lawn with which we guarantee the success of the garden. If you have decided to install them, at MálagaTurf we have the models that are best suited in Benalmadena, Fuengirola, Torremolinos, Marbella and the rest of the Costa del Sol area.

Our specialists have been installing these models for more than 15 years, so the knowledge about them and the adaptability of each of them is more than demonstrated.

We will study your case according to the needs of the garden area, choosing in consensus with the client the model that best suits their needs and the intended use for the lawn.

We have a team specialized in turf lawns always at your disposal to answer any questions and advise you on your choice. Contact us and we will be happy to help you.

Pros of Natural Lawn Turfs

Quick installation

Its simple and quick installation allows you to have a lawn in perfect condition just in a few days time.


As turfs are formed by pieces of the same size, you will achieve a visually stunning result.


It needs the same care as a seed lawn, so it does not need great maintenance.


Turfs have longer durability than the seed kind due to their lower risk of diseases and weeds that makes them more resistant.


If some section gets a plague or is badly sowed, it is not necessary to replant the whole lawn but just to change the affected turfs.

100% Natural

As this is natural lawn, it self-regulates its bacterial activity and its integration with the environment occurs naturally.

We are Specialists in Lawn Turfs in Malaga and the Costa del Sol area.

Natural Lawn Models

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We offer services in Fuengirola, Benalmadena, Mijas, Torremolinos, Malaga, Estepona, San Pedro, Marbella and Costa del Sol.

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En MálagaTurf we are dedicated to provide all the necessary services for the sale and installation of natural lawn and the integral maintenance of gardens.

  • Instalación de Tepes de Césped Natural.
  • Venta de Tepes de Césped Natural.
  • Mantenimiento de Jardines.
  • Creación de Jardines.
  • Riegos Automáticos.
  • Poda de Palmeras.
  • Poda de Jardines.
  • Desbroce de parcelas y fincas.

At MalagaTurf we provide our services in:

  • Gardens of private houses.
    Community Gardens.
    Golf courses
    Public green areas.
At MálagaTurf we have a great team specialized in all our services. Great experience and professionalism that we put at the service of all our clients.

We will be happy to make a budget adapted to your needs and those of your pool. We guarantee quality service at a very competitive price.

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At MálagaTurf our team will be happy to advise you and get the best option for your garden.

What our clients say

“They installed the lawn on my new house very quickly. I wholeheartedly recommend MálagaTurf because when I had a question or a problem, they quickly advised me and offered me a solution. Great team.”


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“My garden had several bald areas on the lawn. I contacted them and they offered to change it for turfs to avoid that problem. I’ve had this lawn for over a year now and it still looks great. I do recommend!”


“I wanted a specific type of lawn just for the aesthetics, but Malagaturf advised me not to because it was actually designed for cold areas. They suggested an alternative for the area I live in. Aesthetically, it’s perfect. Thank you!”


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